Sunday, March 23, 2008

Horror Vs Chick flick- First shoot

I filmed Nan and Papa today for my Horror Vs Chickflick. I didn't capture any sound as music and other sound effects tend to be more common audio choices in both horror and chick flicks, as they are both emotive genres. I probably shot about seven minutes of film, some static mid shots and also freehand close ups and other erratic techniques often observed in horror films. I used the two different styles as they are signiture of their genres. I downloaded the slaughter footage off the internet on thursday night, however I chose a different sourse than last time and Premire won't open the files. As I have a limited internet quota and they were fairly large files I have kept them, hopefully I can aquire a sutible converter within the next week or two so that I can begin editing. Even so I will probably play around with the film I got today, but won't be able to move forward much untill I have the slaughter footage working too.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Reflection on recent developments.

I tried to capture footage (for project Ngierof Mlif) onto the Macs yesterday. For some reason it wouldn't register the computer/camera connection. After about 20 minutes of fiddling with it, it froze and had to be shut down manually. This one project in particular I don't want to have to edit on my laptop, due to the size and the fact that I am already familiar with the effects I want to use on Final Cut. I will try to get it to work again after Easter.
I had a revelation on my Horror vs Chick Flick project, That is; to use my grandparents as actors! And use their house for location; it beats trying to find other actors....
So, I can shoot that over the weekend and hopefully get some editing out of the way before school resumes after Easter. I will edit this on my laptop. I will download the extra footage (Meet your meat- tonight onto laptop and work out what I will use of that. I intend to shoot some of my own 'horror' footage to minimise copyright problems with using the downloaded stuff (not sure of the implications there). Just basic stuff; blood, guts, sharp implements...etc. I'll probably do that at the grandparent's place too.
I will ask Chris to show me layer animation on Flash8 after Easter also, so I can begin with animating my second project Ruby and the Morbid Children.
I have been watching some Tropfest films for inspiration. It's always wonderful to see what some people manage to pull off with minimal props/location. It encourages me to go back to basics with my ideas, and to find the simplest way to portray them.
I'm still working on a private project; a music video to Cannibal Corpse's-Stripped, Raped and Strangled. I need to shoot some more footage for that. That's also on the laptop; I don't know how much more footage I can fit on there (The little bar that shows hard-drive usage has gone's not good, right?....) Anyway, that will probably be submitted under the Medley of Shorts umbrella in my end of year folio.
The proposal for Digital Projects is nearly done. My inquiry question being "Can I create entertainment using an original idea?" and "How can I take an old idea and re-invent it for entertainment?"
Watched Roger's presentation yesterday on "Knowing what we don't know..." not entirely sure what it had to do with Digital Projects...I think he just likes PowerPoint =P
Oh well, it was interesting (from a psychology and philosophy and PowerPoint point of view, not digital projects.)
I think that's all.
Until next time...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Progress: "Ngeirof Mlif"

Alright, I shot the footage for my foreign film on Sunday (or rather, I was talked into being in the frame while Phoebe manned the camera) The shoot was successful, and although I haven't watched it back yet, I am confident there will be sufficient material to begin editing next week (I plan to capture in the Dig Proj double on Tuesday)
I'm almost done with the proposal; will finish that tonight.
I think it's time to go nag Chris to teach me to layer-animate...
That is all

Sunday, March 9, 2008


I shot the footage for my foreign film at Phoebe's this afternoon. I think it went well, we might find some unexplained exclamations from people outside of the frame (Phoebe's Mum)...Phoebe's Mum also started a paper plane fight with Sam, so it looks like the film, when reversed, will include planes flying backwards back and fourth through the frame....Or I can cut that bit out =P
I reckon there's about fifteen minutes of footage on there but possibly more, so editing on my laptop along with my other, smaller, projects will be out of the question. I ended up being in the frame for most of it as Daniel and Sam were unsure of what I wanted, so I had to lead by example! The bane of directing, I expect...That's pretty much all I can say about that until I've watched the footage back.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

So far this week....

There have been some positive advancements this past couple of days! Firstly: I feel motivation, secondly: Phoebe has been a huge help; letting me use her house to shoot my foreign film and also threatening some friends into being actors for me...(thank you Phoebe!)
The foreign film is not my major project, however I begin it now as it won't take much time to do but will serve well to re-familiarise me with the editors and processes.
Due to more explanation I am beginning to understand how this course works, and have found all the lectures/presentations to be helpful. I feel everything is coming together, and starting editing soon will help allot to further that feeling...
I will update again after shooting Sunday, fingers crossed 'everything goes as planned!