Friday, February 29, 2008

Inquiry Question

I've decided to base my projects this year around the Inquiry question "Can I create entertainment from an original idea?" and "How can re-invent an old idea in entertainment?" So throughout the year I will try: (1) to execute film based on original ideas (If there is indeed any left in the world) and (2) to take old idea's or stories and re-invent them with original elements.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Horror Vs Chick flick

Just created a Blogger account, no luck adding other people's blogs yet though. I guess I'll try again later.
I have been looking into the genres of 'horror' and 'chick flicks' after a discussion we had in art. There are almost no female fimmakers and even less in the art-film/horror/left-wing field. So as well as finding some noteble female fimmakers; My task is to combine the two genres (horror and chick flick) in a single short film. Should be interesting. At least, it will be interesting trying to do that without it becoming....a comedy. Sooo, even though it has not alot to do with my original inquirey, I suspect i am learning valuble research skills and widening my knowledge of genres which will assist me in digital projects...
I went and saw Chris about learning to layer-animate for the short i plan to do in dig proj. He is too busy with the new students, and said he will teach me in a couple of weeks when everything has settled down.

That is all.