Saturday, September 27, 2008

Still can't connect

Roger sent me a direct link to Moodle as I still can't connect to the Portal from my home computer. As sugested I will compress the video files through Movie Maker so I can post them. Now I'm just focusing on getting my Presentation together. Real Boy won't be completed but I still aim to have Corks of Our Lives as my second completed piece along side the Horror Vs Chickflick....I have to shut everything else down in order to run the editor so that is all for now. More updates soon.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Corks of Our Lives: The Lost Duck Saga

Ok, I haven't been on twitter or blogger for two days but I have been working heaps on my stop-mo. It is about four minutes long now, but I still need to shoot a bit more to fill in the gaps in the story. I'm really pleased with it, and have had good feedback so far =)
I'm able to move fairly quickly because corks don't have facial expressions or arm/leg movement so all their animation is in their possitioning. It's better than you might imagin. Zoe and Erik stayed last night and they composed some 'music' for the project. Bass and spoons, suprisingly it fits really well with the footage. It has been good to work with others recording the sound. Still a bit to do today with voices and a battle scene. I spent hours on the internet on monday searching for good free/royalty free music and sound effect sites. I'm pretty sure the one I used previosly was FreeSound, however this site seems to no longer exist...very disapointing. Anyway, the result of my hours of searching was two tracks of averagly fitting duck noises...I hope to have it all pretty much finished by monday...unforunantly it is more fun than other homework...I must leave some time for that too!! well, I must be off, I need to find some angry-mob sounds....untill next time.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Failed attempt

I tried to put the beginning of my experimental video, Real Boy on here today. Just so those of you who have been following my writings on it's progress can see how it is coming along. However it is 375mb and I don't know how to compress... anyway, here is some stills from the film as consolation. In other news; it has been pretty smooth since I fixed the problems with Premiere. My computer still won't connect to Moodle for some reason. I have sent Roger an email today hoping he can give me any recent, relevant info I might have missed on Moodle.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Flash animation: Pinapple Crush

Have been mucking around with Flash8 this lesson...finished off my short animation....Enjoy