Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Last Post

Burned everything to Disc today. And learned how to put pretty pictures on the DVDs, which I haven't done before. Now, just finishing off my PowerPoint and heading up to see Roger. Helped Daniel out with what he needs to do for Art Video, and linked him to my blog so that he can see where Roger listed good sites to download free sounds. He also saw my Foreign film spoof which he is in, he liked it =)
Micheal commented on the lighting I used in the animation. Apparently lots of amateurs overdo the lighting, but he liked mine. Well that is all....bye bye

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Almost there!

Today I learned how to feed corrupted files (that play though but just won't render) through a camera and re-capture them on the computer as new, continuouse files...without the coding errors. I needed to do this as a part of the Cork footage was playing up still. Tis all good now though! Micheal helped me convert all my expoted files from AVI to QUICKTIME so that they can be burned onto disc from the college Macs. (My computer doesn't have a burner)We will do that tomorrow, then I should be all ready for my preseantation on Thursday...=)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Found on the net how to fix the rendering problem I was having. The battle-scene stuff works now, it was an underlying rendering error all along. VERY pleased.

Part one!

This is part one of The Lost Duck Saga. I finally uploaded it using Windows Media Player to compress the file (WMV). First exported at 120MB, I compressed it to about 5MB. Feedback appreciated! Approaching the presentation date I have been conversing with Roger in order to polish my PowerPoint. It will be a busy next couple of days if I am to burn everything to disc on Tuesday. I'm about to try to import the supposedly 'corrupted' battle-scene files (which, by the way, play fine in other programs) into Premier again. If it fails, I will re-shoot this evening.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

F@#$% Gmail!

Because ALL technology hates me, Gmail is now refusing to send my PowerPoint to Roger to look over. Grrr. I've tried four times, I guess I'll give it a go through the student mailer, as Moodle does not appear to have an attachment property.
In other news, I need to do lots of work tonight. Losing all the battle-scene footage was a blow as it took about three hours to shoot, but I need to get over it and just re-do. Also my home computer doesn't have a PowerPoint program so I can't work on that at home...also did I mention my flash drive broke? That's ok though, I didn't lose anything except convenience; everything was backed up on my Mp3/external hard drive and computer. So now I'm using the Mp3 for everything, tis a good little machine because it takes all different files without a problem and is 40 GB. Tis also an old-school brick. But the buttons are big and it doesn't seem to hate me as much as other technology. So we're all good. =)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Countdown!

Only one week to go until my presentation! I'm feeling positive, I got to have a long talk with Roger today about the stuff I missed and he made it clear what I still need to do to achieve a pre-tertiary mark. I should have been quicker to elect his help in the past I think. But no matter, the important thing is that my computer is behaving itself (pretty much) and I'm making a PowerPoint for my presentation with pictures and pretty writing. I plan to burn all my work onto a DVD which I can open behind the PowerPoint presentation. When I want to show a clip I can simply minimise the PowerPoint and select the clip from the menu. This will be a far more effective way of showing my work than what we did at midyears, with individual files on a flashdrive. However this means I will need to get the DVD to Roger two days earlier (the 14th) so that he can check it functions. So, I aim to have all the video's exported and on my external harddrive so that I can burn them to disc through the Macs at college next Tuesday.
Also I have polished my inquiry question to read "How can I communicate an original idea through entertainment?" and "How can an 'old' idea be re-invented to create 'new' entertainment?"

Sunday, October 5, 2008

More tech problems

My computer froze as I was importing the final bit of footage, the epic battle between corks and the files are corrupted and I can't import them. So, now I'll have to reshoot. Kodie found the place where Premiere keep the cache' files, there was a couple of GB in there, seriously slowing the whole process down. Now I clean it out before I close the program each time to keep it running better. I really need to get an external hard drive but I'm not sure if I can justify it considering I probably won't be continuing with video making next year. I reckon I shall just press on with it how it is, and finish the year out.