Thursday, October 9, 2008

F@#$% Gmail!

Because ALL technology hates me, Gmail is now refusing to send my PowerPoint to Roger to look over. Grrr. I've tried four times, I guess I'll give it a go through the student mailer, as Moodle does not appear to have an attachment property.
In other news, I need to do lots of work tonight. Losing all the battle-scene footage was a blow as it took about three hours to shoot, but I need to get over it and just re-do. Also my home computer doesn't have a PowerPoint program so I can't work on that at home...also did I mention my flash drive broke? That's ok though, I didn't lose anything except convenience; everything was backed up on my Mp3/external hard drive and computer. So now I'm using the Mp3 for everything, tis a good little machine because it takes all different files without a problem and is 40 GB. Tis also an old-school brick. But the buttons are big and it doesn't seem to hate me as much as other technology. So we're all good. =)

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