Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cork Construction

I've just finished painting Erik Cork, who stars as "that guy who dies" in Corks of Our Lives. I have a few more of them under construction. It takes alot of layers of paint to get a nice looking finish so tis a bit time consuming, but hey, look at the results! Please observe, Erik in cork-form!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

noteable advancments...

1. I have started storyboarding for my second project "Real Boy" which will be an experimental art film. I intend to begin shooting on the weekend.
2. I have decided to capture my foreign film onto my own laptop to edit. As I have moved all inactive video files onto my Mp3 for storage, there is now room to work on a largish file.

I plan to film my experimental film project in Southport or Lune river. I scouted both area's for location last year when I first intended to do this project. I have been made aware of an abandoned and overgrown house in the general area that may be ideal...

Kodie may be going to install XP onto my laptop instead of Vista (which is what it's running now) That should free up some space and increase speed.
I have my camera back from Daniel, so that's good.....Umm....Oh yeah, Chris was going to show me how to animate on the double lesson Tuesday. I forgot about it....So, I will ask him if he is still free to show me next week. (Sorry Chris)
I reckon that's all for now....

Oh damnit, I'm at home working...and my computer dosn't want to open any of the files related to Tuesdays presentation....I will have to do it at school tomorrow. Oh well, I tryed.