Saturday, August 23, 2008

scooters, vacation, fall

I got some positive feedback from Kodie on Wednesday regarding my experimental film. He commented on the creepiness of it, the light, and the asthetic shots, everything I aimed for! He also found several viruses on my computer ("No Jo, don't look to see if there is such thing a dental-floss porn") *cough* Also, I must not cancel the computers protection just because it makes it faster......
I haven't had a chance to work on the video anymore due to Premier freezing every time I try to render. I think it's because I saved it unrendered and now it's chucking a s***. I must retrieve my tri-pod on Tuesday as trying to prop the camera efficiently while stop-mo-ing is proving ineffective. I was looking back on my proposal I did early on. Sadly the animation I wanted to do never went ahead because Flash really isn't smooth enough for what I wanted to do. Still, I guess, I have learned somthing. *end transmission*

Monday, August 18, 2008

Dodging a Fail

Just a quick post to re-establish my being active in this subject. I have, despite absence of posts, been moving forward with my experimental video, but little else. After my meeting with Roger in the hall and my short comings being illuminated I have realised I need some help with some parts of the subject if I want to get a pass or better. I really don't understand the link recording thing and RSS. I will start my cork animation tonight (and listen to the RSS recording that i missed). I have painted half a dozen corks to look like people. They will feature (along with my rubber ducky Floyd) in short episodes. These episodes will be stop-motion (corks have limited movement or expression) and I will animate in speech and such with flash. anyway I must be off. Back on tonight!!! bye!