Monday, April 28, 2008

Recent advancments

OK, not allot of new news to report...I sent Dirk my Project Proposal draft to read over, but as yet have had no reply...I have taken the Student Directed Inquiry as a second offline course too, so I plan to up the work allot. It will help to have that extra flexible time to work with...I STILL haven't managed an interaction with Chris; he remains ever allusive! But I am becoming very keen on the idea of animation and I think it may become my major project.
I had the pleasure of seeing the Glass Biscuit mob do their presentation on last Thursday. It was very impressive, I think it has encouraged me to start working a bit harder; they have accomplished so much, if it only be in planning. I have previously tried to comment on their website but it wouldn't let me, despite me being registered with Wiki. And still no success adding other Blogger's to my list, it always comes up with an error.
I'm not entirely sure what the deal is with doing both Digital Projects and Interactive Media in regards to work quantity; do I have to spend double the time on Moodle? etc...

That is all for now. I shall report again after I have attempted to track down Chris after recess...

Friday, April 25, 2008


Today I'm storyboarding for the cork animation I plan to do. I have corks, and I will just come up with a story now....I think I will paint the corks to look like friends, heh least some of them. Hopefully I'll be able to complete more than one of these animations but that will depend on how well it works out. The first will be a bit experimental as I have not worked with stop motion techniques before and my knowledge of Premiere Pro, my chosen editing program, is still minimal. I hope to learn allot from this particular piece and it should be lots of fun!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Clueless complete!

I finnished off Clueless today, It is a little rough looking but you get that with trashy horror anyway. I'm happy with it, It's loosened me up with effect editing and I especially like the look I've achieved with high contrast and grain. I've exported the file onto my Mp3, and just have to put it onto a Mac at college and ask Michael to help me burn it onto disk. One down four to go!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

More updates

My video for ArtVid is almost finished. 3:40 At the moment. Daniel and I spent most of Wednesday scouring hobart for a fake-severed hand for his ArtVid project. No luck.
Kodie fixed my computer problem (The LINE ISN'T RED ANYMORE!) I just have to make sure I avoid downloading/storing files and or programs on the default drive.
My plan to study at the VCA has been pretty much been shattered. Last year, only 14 out of 194 applicants got accepted...and only one of those was straight out of year 12. So now the plan is to go to the art uni here in Hobart and continue to make films ameturely/hobbie and build up a stronger folio of work that I can present to VCA next year. I will also pursure local filmmakers in the hopes of furthering my knowledge in all things film.
I plan to start storyboarding for my project "Will Dance and String" soon. I better try to capture "Ngierof Mlif" again too. I will lend Daniel my camera for the weekend so he can hopefully start shooting.
That's all to update for now.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Since Easter...

This is my first post since before the Easter holidays. I filmed my grandparents as planned, and downloaded the slaughter footage I needed. Only minor problem being unzipping the files, which Daniel helped me with (downloaded version of WinRar). I also found that although I had deleted all my slaughter footage from last year, it was still stored in the un-exported version of another project...interesting. My laptop's main internal hard drive is full, that is causing problems. It's a split hard drive or something and the second one is almost empty...I just need to work out how make it take the new information; rather than the main one processing it all by default. I shall ask Kodie about that, he will know!
My horror/chick flick, now indefinitely titled Clueless, is coming together well. I'm exploring the different effects which is really good because I had never used overlaying or anything. Also have an awesome bit where wine turns to blood (using inverted colour replacement mask) Also altering the contrast and tones to get the look I want. Slightly disappointed that I filmed so erratically my 'chick flick' footage. Because, although it is married with genre appropriate music and soft colour tones, the look of the editing is still not entirely as cliche' as I would have liked. But it is alright; very arty, which is the point. It doesn't have any dialogue, but is carried by the visuals and music. It has some moments that I am very pleased with, 'am enjoying the euphoria that can only be achieved by successful editing!

Attended Roger's presentation yesterday; I found this one fairly enlightening =) I will look through it again on Moodle just to clarify.
I think that's about it for now...
Until next time!