Monday, June 30, 2008

More updates!

I have just started editing my "Real Boy" video footage. I had some problems shooting as I could only go to location on the weekend and it rained two in a row! Not helpful! Finaly though I got about ten minutes of very attractive imagery. It will be hard to cut any of it out as the light was perfect for shooting and it's all very clear. I plan to take the other footage, of the hand/puppet master, in my bath, very soon...My Flash skills are improving although I am still unsure with the process of uploading scanned cutouts into the program. Unless I can easily upload cut outs and manipulate them like the manually drawn lines my intended project "Ruby and the Morbid Children" will be impossible. Presentations went well last week, Amelia and myself presented together as we have both been working on animation and conepts...I am inspired to do more now, story boards for cork animation completed. Tis a simple story but funny. Also I'm pleased with my results so far, I plan to push myself more to get A's.
The link to the animations Amelia and I presented. (Blogger won't let me add it as a directly followable link. please paste it into your search bar)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Chris gave me a crash course in the basics of Flash8 animation this week. Above is a link to a Flash8 tute which I will explore in more depth after I have perfected the very basics of the application. From first appearance i'm not sure it will surfice for doing my proposed animation...but I don't know for sure at this stage. I'll ask Chris to show me another day how to import cutouts and such...for now I'll play with the stick figures.