Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Countdown!

Only one week to go until my presentation! I'm feeling positive, I got to have a long talk with Roger today about the stuff I missed and he made it clear what I still need to do to achieve a pre-tertiary mark. I should have been quicker to elect his help in the past I think. But no matter, the important thing is that my computer is behaving itself (pretty much) and I'm making a PowerPoint for my presentation with pictures and pretty writing. I plan to burn all my work onto a DVD which I can open behind the PowerPoint presentation. When I want to show a clip I can simply minimise the PowerPoint and select the clip from the menu. This will be a far more effective way of showing my work than what we did at midyears, with individual files on a flashdrive. However this means I will need to get the DVD to Roger two days earlier (the 14th) so that he can check it functions. So, I aim to have all the video's exported and on my external harddrive so that I can burn them to disc through the Macs at college next Tuesday.
Also I have polished my inquiry question to read "How can I communicate an original idea through entertainment?" and "How can an 'old' idea be re-invented to create 'new' entertainment?"

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